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The Damaraland Leopard Project was launched in early 2020 and it began as a co-ordinated camera trap study of leopard activity in the area. As a result of the work done by the Conservation Travel Foundation, and the support provided by our partners at Wildlife Protection Solutions, it has now become a full-scale research project. The study site is in the //Huab and Doro Nawas Conservancies, home to our game-changing Joint Venture camps, and these camps provide local support for the research activities involved. The project is a partnership between CTF and Ruben Portas of the University of Ljubljana and the Leibniz-Institut, and the aim of the project is gain further insight into what appears to be a healthy but yet elusive leopard population of Namibia's communal Kunene region. The information provided by this research also helps to mitigate the possible impact of Human-Leopard Conflict in the area, and to improve understanding of Intra species interactions at kill sites.

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