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Granietkop Campsite Doro !Nawas Conservancy

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Tourism is a primary economic enterprise option for the Conservancies to exploit, and while leases for the establishment of small, high-end lodges and camps are a key element within that option, so is the provision of facilities for self-drive and lower paying tourists - such as rustic campsites.

A Doro !Nawas Conservancy-developed and run Tourism Campsite at Granietkop has fallen into disrepair. So within a Joint Venture with the Conservancy to build a new 12 bed camp, Ultimate Safaris have agreed to renovate the Campsite and operate it on behalf of the Community. As a contribution to the Conservancy investment into the Joint Venture, and because all the Campsite profits will be paid to the Community, CTF will renovate the existing borehole, which supplies two villages, the Campsite and a wildlife waterhole.  Ultimate Safaris management will oversee the running of the campsite from both a financial and operational perspective, while continuing to build capacity within the local conservancy and facilitating knowledge transfer during the process.

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