Conservation Travel Foundation
Our Journeys Enrich Lives

Conservation Travel Foundation focuses on forming and strengthening links between responsible conservation travelers and Namibia’s cultural and natural heritage stakeholders, together we can strive towards preserving them. The link between travel, conservation and sustainable development enhances the experiences of guests by creating more meaningful and authentic cultural encounters through learning, sharing and giving something back.

The Foundation is a legally registered foundation where 100% of funds raised are invested in approved projects.  We have set a benchmark for sincere, ethical and transparent socially responsible investment. The Foundation feels that the coalition of funds has a much larger impact on any project or area than smaller donations coming from a variety of different avenues. The Foundation focuses all of its funds to make a difference in the larger scale.

Our early results demonstrate how local level models of conservation and community development supported by conservation travel really do enrich lives while protecting natural and cultural heritage. These projects help local communities and they also increase good will between hosts and guests to stimulate authentic cross-cultural interaction. By teaching guests to be sensitive and conscientious, the Conservation Travel Foundation provides an alternative to the unintentionally exploitative and destructive elements of conventional tourism.

Culturally and environmentally responsible tourism can be a powerful force for conservation and community development. Collaboration between the public and private sectors, conservation NGOs, government and the tourism industry and creating partnerships between local communities is proving to be an effective way of enhancing this development. In fact, this is how travelers can contribute tangibly, directly and significantly to Namibia’s environmental conservation and human welfare at a local level.


Ultimate Safaris is a truly Namibian ecotourism safari company, dedicated to the protection, conservation and sustainability of the areas in which we operate, as these are some of the most pristine and delicate wilderness areas on earth. Authenticity is our highest priority, with sincerity, good faith and genuine concern all being part of the ethic we embrace in approaching our country and the people and cultures we share it with. By offering these authentic, life-enriching safaris that benefit not only our guests but also the places and people we visit, we have Namibia’s well-being at the fore front of everything we do.

The Conservation Travel Foundation has become a reliable vehicle and avenue through which Ultimate Safaris guests and partners can safely give something back. As the foundation is legally registered, fully audited and completely transparent at all times, guests and partners can feel comfortable making tangible contributions through the foundation which will enrich lives.

Our projects are monitored through Ultimate Safaris and its staff who contribute extensive ‘in-kind’ services. We have invested in areas that we visit regularly and where our guides spend a lot of time, making monitoring easy, inexpensive, regular and very efficient.

Through our projects, the Foundation and Ultimate Safaris enhances the personal travel experiences of guests through learning, sharing and making a contribution, and this can be the inspirational purpose that guides those guests when exploring the rest of the world. Our trips are sensitively designed to include projects with which we are involved, encouraging guest participation in environmentally responsible travel. By assisting local communities and demonstrating a concern for the value we place on ecological and cultural preservation, conservation travel can become an instrument of sustainable development. The active and compassionate involvement of our staff and guests, at a minimum, heightens our own awareness of problems and the practical difficulties in solving them.