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Our longest support of a project is to the Grootberg Primary School, where our support started with small donations such as the supply of cutlery, a citrus plantation and blankets. It has now developed to the point where we have supplied them with computers and a computer lab, in order to develop their computer skills from a young age and that they are not left behind when they go to high school. Although the support given to the school has been instrumental in the development of the students, the Foundation felt that more could be done to ensure the students from this school become leaders of the future and reinvest their passion into the area.

The Foundation has taken it one step further and has set up a volunteer program and built accommodation to house volunteers from aboard during their stay there. With the students spending time at the school, they have a major focus on English language skills, computer skills and extra mural activities – especially the organization of team sports. This has been helped and supported by very generous donations from a number of former visitors.

Keeping in line withthe trusts guarantee that 100% of funds received must go directly to theproject, this volunteer program is not for profit. The students that come out here will cover all their own cost and still make a contribution to the school.The Foundation feels that there is no need to take a fee, when the funds could rather go directly to the project they are supporting and through this the students who come feel like they are making more of a contribution, not only through their in kind services but also financially.

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