Conservation Travel Foundation
Our Journeys Enrich Lives

Many of the projects we support are in need of long term backing and although many of the funds wegather go towards a specific project, there are some funds that are available to projects when needed. The following projects serve a much larger picture andwould use our funds to complete their goals and objectives:

Rhino Custodians - Rapid Response Fund

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) have for a numberof years run a successful black rhino translocation and re-stocking scheme with private farmers and communal conservancies. The concept of the scheme is to establish breeding nuclei of rhino throughout the country in relatively secure locations where part of their protection becomes the responsibility of the landowner or community - “Rhino Custodians”. The Custodians then have the benefit of the “use” of the rhino for tourism, and also make a direct contribution tothe conservation of an endangered species. Conservation Travel Foundation provides the MET Rhino Team with a facility to access funds quickly and without bureaucratic delays - funds to meet those urgent issues that inevitably crop upwhen working rough in the field. Many of these rhino are translocated into the communal conservancies in which Ultimate Safaris operates, adding value to the tourism product which the communities living in these areas are able to offer and provide.

Desert Lion Conservation

Ultimate Safaris takes guests to the North West area of Namibia on many of their safaris and believes the prospect of seeing desert adapted lions adds yet another unique experience to a visit to Namibia. This area has not had resident lions for as long as any of the local community members can remember so the recent arrival of this pride is really very special. However, this area also has a number of pastoralist communities living in it, and they are not trained or equipped to deal with the threat of wild lions. Funds are needed to assist with the prevention of “Human – Wildlife conflict” where we have funds available to assist in the reduction and resolution of these conflicts.

Grootberg Primary School

The Conservation Travel Foundation’s longest and most measurable project has been the support of the Grootberg Primary School, wherethe projects range in scale from the supply of basic necessities such as blankets and cutlery, to the planting of citrus trees, to the installation and implementation of a computer lab to develop the computer skills of the studentsfor their further education.

Bursary Scheme

The Conservation Travel Foundation is in the process of setting up a bursary scheme, which will be awarded to a rural child that demonstrates unusually high potential educationally, to allow him or her to attend a school with a higher quality of education in Windhoek. The selection process for this will help ensure that talent in remote areas is identified and not missed, andthat this potential is nurtured in an exceptional case. Private schooling in Namibia costs about NAD 25 000 (USD 3 000) per annum, and that is for tuition fees alone so there will also be a need to provide subsidized accommodation and support for the successful candidate.