Conservation Travel Foundation
Our Journeys Enrich Lives

July 20:

The first Conservation safari was a great success, with our privelaged guests having the opportunity to spend time at the AfriCat Annual Health check, with Save the Rhino Trust and the Desert Lion Project. The Safari was not only a great succes but also raised a total amount of N$ 145 000 for these projects. A great example of Conservation Travel at work.


June 29:
Ultimate Safaris will be running its first Conservation Safari in partnership with a major US Tour Operator at the end of June 2015, using the Conservation Travel Foundation as a channel for administering the donations this produces. Conservation is clearly the main focus of this safari and guests will be able to visit a number of the conservation projects which are supported by the Foundation, and they will also have the opportunity to spend time with some of the scientists involved. With the high premium obtained from these safaris, the projects will receive significant donations and the limited requirements on them mean that they only have to spend minimal time away from their work. The main projects that this safari focuses on are the AfriCat Foundation, Save the Rhino Trust and the Desert Lion Project.

June 23:
The Grootberg Volunteer Project has taken a major step forward with another experienced volunteer, Steven Pates, heading up to the school in late June to spend two months working with the children there. This will help to further develop the program and his experiences and the progress he is able to make will assist in paving the way for future volunteers for the school.

May 20:
Jan Mohrdieck, a naturalist guide at Ultimate Safaris, made a personal contribution to the Foundation and has set a trend with other Ultimate Safaris guides making a pact to make a contribution after each of their safaris. This really is admirable and again highlights the caliber of guides at Ultimate Safaris, and demonstrates their belief in the good work the Foundation does.

May 10:
The Grootberg Primary School Volunteer project sponsored through the Foundation was a finalist at the recent We Are Africa Innovation Awards. Although we did not win, this was great exposure for both the project and the Foundation, and we will continue to strive to make an impact on conservation in Namibia through our various activities. Thank you once again to all our supporters!

April 30:
The Foundation has donated N$3000 to this initiative in support of Giraffe Conservation in Namibia. A species where the population is on the decline across Africa, apart from Namibia and Niger.

March 25:
The construction of the Grootberg Primary School Volunteer Program accommodation has been COMPLETED! The Foundation would like to thank Grootberg Lodge and !Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy for their support and Trevor Nott as the mastermind behind the construction. The Foundation is now in search for Volunteers!

March 23:
The Foundation's logo was recently worn on the sleeves of cyclists on a cycling trip through Namibia. What wonderful exposure and support for the Foundation!

March 20:
The Grootberg Primary School has received six microscopes to be used in their science classes, some minor repairs have been completed and they will be sent to the school shortly. The Foundation would like to thank David James and Radley School for the contribution. This will go a long way to giving the students a closer look into science!

March 17:
FINALISTS! The Foundation has been selected as a finalist in the Engage Africa category, with focus on the Grootberg Primary School project. It would be an honor to win this prestigious award, although the exposure and acknowledgment is reward enough!


March 5:
Our secure online payment method for donations is up and running, allowing our supporters and guests to make contributions directly to the foundation from around the World. Thank you all for your valued support!

March 2:
The construction of the Grootberg Primary School Volunteer Program accommodation has begun. This is a major step towards making this a viable project where the volunteers will enrich the lives of our youth, the conservationists of the future!

February 26:
Last night we had the opportunity of exchanging ideas with our colleagues from A&K Philanthropy in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia, along with MET and WINTA. A great way to learn about projects in other countries and the struggles they face, while at the same time showcasing our success and the struggles we face. Thank you for a great evening.


January 1:
The Conservation Travel Foundation is the ‘new look’ Tou Trust, which has taken on a major transformation, while all the goals and objectives are still the same and at the core of what we do. The transformation was implemented to create a stronger connection between travelers with Ultimate Safaris and the work done by the foundation. In turn this has also given longevity to the foundation and the support from travelers, with a long term goal and objective.