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The Conservation Travel Foundation is a non-profit organization and relies solely on the support of private donors and the support given to it by Ultimate Safaris. When guests travel with Ultimate Safaris, they visit projects that are supported by the Foundation and their safari is also enhanced through these projects. Whilst on their life enriching journey, guests see the great work done by the Foundation and feel that they want to enrich the lives of those people and projects that they visit and then would decide to make a contribution. Although Ultimate Safaris is a large contributor, the Foundation would not be viable without the support of you, the traveler.

Ultimate Safaris: The Company is a large contributor to the Foundation, through its financial and administrative contributions.

Guests andFriends: When on tour with Ultimate Safaris, they learn about and see the projects that Conservation Travel Foundation is involved in and feel they want to make a contribution. This contribution is made to Conservation Travel Foundation, which is then used in its projects to enrich the lives of both the traveler and community.

How to make a contribution

There are many ways that one can make a contribution; no matter when or how much one contributes you will enrich lives.

- Direct: At the end of ones Safari you can fillout a donation form and either contribute through, cheque, cash or credit card.

- Afterwards: Upon ones return home and after reflecting on your journey you can fill in the donation form and make a contribution through credit card or bank transfer.

- Online: One can also follow the DONATE link above to make an online contribution, using a secure credit card facility which goes directly to the Foundation.

Why contribute

There aremany reasons that people contribute to a Foundation or organization, but why should one contribute to the Conservation Travel Foundation:

-   Enriching lives: When traveling one comesacross many people that will enrich your journey and at the same time meet people who need a helping hand in the project that they are running. When contributing to the Conservation Travel Foundation one will make a difference and enrich the lives of whole communities through direct financial support or a project that enriches the lives of people that live in the project area.

-   Make an Impact: The Conservation TravelFoundation aims at combining funds and having a larger impact than a smallerdirect donation would have. So when a project or community are in need the Conservation Travel Foundation ensures that the problem is completely solved without any hassles, instead of just aiding towards the problem.

-   Embrace the results: Although the Foundation is on a small scale at the moment and aims to make a larger impact, with the assistance of donors, a donor can see the results and actually embrace them when on ones journey. When making a contribution to the Foundation, either a specific or general donation, one will feel and see the results of the donation.

-   Gratitude: When contributing to the Conservation Travel Foundation, one is making a contribution to the beliefs we believe in, and you will feel the gratitude from not only us but also the projects we support.

-   Foundation: When contributing to the Conservation Travel Foundation one trusts that the end result of theprojects is for the good of the communities and projects that it supports. This represents the great person you are as a donor, not only for making a contribution but also entrust the Board of directors to make the right decision.

-   Make a difference: No matter how large or small the contribution might be, when one contributes to the ConservationTravel Foundation you make a difference!


We would like to thank all of those who have supported the Foundation and have made a                contribution; yoursupport is highly appreciated. We hope we can rely on your support in thefuture:


Honorary Trustee (US$10,000 and above)

Ultimate Safaris

Diamond Contributor (US$2,500-US$9,999)

Country Walkers

Gallivan, Fielding

Moser, Unni & Peter

Schreier, Uwe & Sibylle

Wilderness Travel

Gold Contributor (US$1,000-US$2,499)


Silver Contributor (US$500-US$999)

Burckhardt, Andreas

Kolawole, Helen

Bronze Contributor (US$250-US$499)

Ferrero, Graeme & Anita

Mueller,Marcel, Fransiska & Fabio

Reid, Barbara & Fred

Ruetsch, Hans

CTF Contributor (US$249 and below)

Au-Yeung, Edith & Victor

Blattler, Kathrin

Briskin, Edith

Dobson, Sue

Earnshaw, Jill

Encounter the Wild

Enns, James & Cathleen

Finn, Chester & Renn

Knapp, Jane

Hoynck, Desiree

Huber, Gabriela & Peter


Laursen, Ingrid

Leng, Lynda

Mosseri, Marlio

Osgood, David & Judy

Richards, John

Shepard, Penny

Sinclair, B

Sorensen, Helle

Waskowski, Henry

Westwood, S

Wey, Reto

Winstone, Bev

Wiluse, Thomas

NB* If your name does not appear here and you have made contribution, please do not be offended and accept our apologies, please contact us so we can rectify the mistake.