Conservation Travel Foundation
Our Journeys Enrich Lives


The Conservation Travel Foundation, through its support from Ultimate Safaris and the guests that travel with them, has a philosophy of enriching lives through creating viable economic development for rural communities based on the sustainable utilization of the natural resources in all the areas in which it operates. At the same time it provides support to communities and projects that operate through a non-bureaucratic and pro-activeboard.


Toidentify and support community-based development projects and conservation initiatives that sustain ecological integrity, protect biodiversity, support cultural heritage, and contribute to the social and economic well-being of the rural communities, the custodians of our rich natural heritage.


The objectives of Conservation Travel Foundation are pursued through a strategy of supporting a number of small, but critical projects. In this way limited funds achieve maximum benefit, bureaucratic delays are avoided and urgent funds can be applied when and where needed. This can only be achieved with a pro-active Board of Trustees and using private funds.

The coalitions of funds have a much larger impact on a project or area than smaller donations coming from different avenues. The Foundation combines all of it funds to makea difference in the larger scale!