Conservation Travel Foundation
Our Journeys Enrich Lives

To get the best out of Conservation Travel for conservation and philanthropy projects, one has to engage the traveler in the projects. The foundations biggest supporter of this is Ultimate Safaris, not only through visiting the projects with their guests in the hope that the guests would make a contribution in the support of the foundation, but also having launched safaris that have a specific goal. The goal of these safaris is to let the guests have hands on experience of the projects and support them through this interaction.

Ultimate Safaris andthe Conservation Travel Foundation have just launched, in partnership with yet another US based tour operator, a conservation safari. This safari is going to be an amazing experience for guests and atthe same time benefit these projects immensely. One of the things that we have to be wary of is that many of the projects we support are directly run by scientists, and we in no way want to disturb the work they are doing. As aresult we have created premium safaris, where significant contributions to various projects are made, in return for limited time with these scientists. This way, the sacrifice on the part of the scientists is limited with a maximum return, a model we are looking at replicating elsewhere.

Ultimate Safaris has also set up a 10 day itinerary, called the Skeleton Coast and Kaokoland Conservancy Safari, where we support only establishments that are either owned by or in joint venture with conservancies. The trip is focused on the northwest of Namibia where many of our projects run, and although small, the influence on the locals to preserve their natural resources through these establishments is significant.

Both these safaris create a great connection between the traveler and our projects and strengthening the support given to the foundation through our travelers.