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Citrus Plantation

In partnership with a US based tour operator, a group of friends of the Conservation Travel Foundation sponsored a dozen citrus trees,soil and fertilizer to be planted at the Grootberg Primary School. The area has good water reserves and the trees will bear fruits vital for the children attending the school to ensure a good intake of vitamins. Transportation was arranged with a local lodge for the trees from Windhoek. The value of the donation was NAD 3 500 (USD 350).

Donation to Cheetah Conservation Fund

In June 2013 the Foundation in partnership with a US based Operator, together with the Cincinnati Zoo donated NAD 26 000 (USD 2 600) to the well-known Cheetah Conservation Fund. These funds will be used for valuable research and environmental education.

Donation to Save the Rhino Foundation

In June 2013 the Conservation Travel Foundation donated NAD 5000 (USD 500) to the Save the Rhino Foundation. These funds were allocated towards funding monitoring Namibia’s black rhino in the north western reaches of the country. 

Donation to REST (Rare and Endangered Special Foundation)

In August 2013 the Conservation Travel Foundation donated NAD10 000 (USD 1 000) to REST for a vulture crisis that occurred after a poached elephant carcass was poisoned in the Caprivi. The funds were used for transportation and equipment used to rescue unattended chicks after nearly a thousand vultures succumbed to the poison.

Donation to Desert Lion Project

In July 2013 the Conservation Travel Foundation donated a satellite radio collar for a male lion to the value of NAD 25 000 (USD 2 500)to the Desert Lion Project. The collar was used for a male lion in the Huab River, an area where desert lion prevalence is on the increase. Being an area where both man and beast live side by side, learning more about the movements on dominant individuals is imperative for their conservation.

Donation to Desert Lion Project

Ultimate Safaris hosted a cocktail dinner during the Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) for our trade partners, during which the new Ultimate Safaris website was launched and a comprehensive update on what the Conservation Travel Foundation has achieved over the past 24 months was given. During the evening NAD 10 000 (USD 1 000) was raised for the Desert Lion Project, which will cover one month’s fuel costs. A further NAD 2 500 was later raised for people living with lions.