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Grootberg Primary School Computer Centre

Conservation Travel Foundation donated a NAD 80 000 (USD 10 000) state-of-the-art computer centre to the Grootberg Primary School at Erwee Village in the Kunene Region of north-western Namibia. Scholars at the school (primary level) were in dire need of exposure to modern technology and computers before advancing to secondary school levels, and this is now being facilitated by the new Centre. This project was a joint effort between the Conservation Travel Foundation, a group of Swiss friends, and the school itself. The school provided the centre withall the modifications necessary to house the computer centre, along with arranging for the provision of electricity and internet to the area; the Conservation Travel Foundation provided all the computer equipment and technical support for the installation; and our friends and supporters of the Foundation provided the funds. From August 2012 the school will have aqualified US Peace Corps volunteer based at the school for a 2 year period teaching basic computer skills.

Justine’s Laundry Service

The Conservation Travel Foundation donated equipment valued atNAD 15 000 (USD 1 900) for a laundry service to be run by Justine Gaingos, a Windhoek resident living in the township of Katatura. Justine is a bread-winner for an extended family who is approaching retirement age and does not have a meaningful pension fund in place to cover future expenses. This donation has made herself-sufficient with the opportunity to grow a successful business. The donation included washing machines, lines, irons, ironing boards, as well as plumbing modifications to the house where the laundry service will be run. Her concept is to service an area where most people do not have facilities to wash clothes and especially heavier items such as blankets and curtains, but she has also identified a local safari company and guesthouse who are willing tosupport her by providing a regular stream of business while she gets the laundry established.

Nicky Bee Farm

Windhoek’s very own ‘bee charmer’, Nicklaas Eksteen, iswell-known in Windhoek as the remover of unwanted bee hives. As a child he learnt these skills from his grandfather who also taught him about respecting the bees he works with, and his dream has always been to have his own bee farm and to sell honey with his own brand name. The Conservation Travel Foundation has helped Nicklaas realize this dream by donating the ‘start-up’ infrastructure necessary to set up the bee farm, which amongst other things includes several new bee hives. The donation was a total of NAD 22 000 (USD 3000) and this should be enough to allow him to have a viable population of bees that can produce a regular supply of honey for sale. We are eagerly awaiting the first harvest.

Lion Guardians for Ehi-rovipuka Conservancy during the droughtmonths

North western Namibia has been experiencing severe droughts, having significant effects on the ecosystems. As a result conflict between cattle herders and lions has intensified, needing urgent intervention. Together with TOSCO (Tourism Supporting Conservation) the Conservation Travel Foundation donated an amount of NAD 6 000 (USD 750) toward a fund to pay the salaries and equip three lion guardians until the start of the rains. These lion guardians will monitor the lion movements and forewarn villages, settlements and herdersof the presence of lions in order for cattle owners to take the appropriate precautionary action. The lion guardians are on an incentivized system and will be paid bonuses in the event of no cattle losses.

Spoons for Grootberg Primary School

In August 2012 a group of friends of the Conservation Travel Foundation sponsored 350 eating spoons to the Grootberg Primary School hostel.The donation was worth NAD 1 200 (USD 150) and means that children no longer need to eat with their hands.